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Air King 9166F Whole Window Review


A complete house fan can be really a significant approach to minimize the humidity and temperature as part of your house without the need for an expensive-to-operate air-conditioning strategy. Even the Air King 9166F 20" Whole House Window Fan is still amongst many most excellent choices in the marketplace for the reason that it brings together simple setup and utilize using a reasonable value and lasting structure.

Just before we buy this air-king complete house window fan inspection, I do wish to guarantee that you comprehend these components do the job out.

It is simple indeed: They suck on sexy, humid air away from one's household and replace it with cooler, drier air from outside.

In the event the atmosphere exterior is hotter and more humid compared to the atmosphere at residence, whole-house window enthusiasts do not do the job nicely. Throughout seasons whenever there is a relaxed atmosphere external at a minimum in the evenings and evenings yet, these are able to be authentic money-savers, which may radically raise the relaxation of one's house without having plenty of electrical strength.


  • 1/6 Horse-power engine
  • Entrance finish mounted controller machine
  • Affect watertight casing, grill, and blade
  • OSHA along with ETL compliant
  • Reversible enthusiast movement

The AirKing 9166F 20 Whole House Window Fan meets what's anticipated out of it (flow of atmosphere ) in the office and residential assumptions. Window openings which have been in between 27 and 37 inches wide x 26.25 inches tall will probably house that this specific buff flawlessly.

Air-king 9166F FeaturesThe maker of this air-king 9166 window-fan is currently known as air-king Ventilation services and products.

Air King Ventilation solutions offer many different outlines of services and products, which are Energy Star qualified. The Business produces Toilet Exhaust Fans, Whole-house Continuous Procedure Exhaust Fans, Under Cabinet Rangehoods, Skilled Rangehoods, and much more. Air-king asserts its own products are designed with all the intention,"...surpass clients' expectations."


Air King Ventilation Solutions is a subsidiary of all Lasko. Lasko services and products are really Pennsylvania-based indoor and exterior house appliances producing corporations. The business creates a number of heating and cooling apparatus.

Is Your Air King 9166F 20" Whole House Window Fan an Excellent Option?

The AirKing 9166 20 Whole House Window Fan-- accessible from Amazon -- isn't your typical small window lover. It has really a big window exhaust fan which moves out hot air and attracts a more relaxed atmosphere in. When it could be dumb at its highest rate, you could well not have to conduct it high anyway. The enthusiast is active and influential, even at a low speed.

Actually, it buys the atmosphere quickly. You could well not have to conduct it for long at any particular time, further diminishing your strength utilization.

Past models of this air-king complete house window lover experienced plastic blades. However, those grew to become less and not as efficient with the years and, at times, warped or busted in unnecessary problems. Even the Air King 9166 currently includes an all-metal structure to find the most excellent possible operation within the maximum potential lifespan.

You will observe a few shaking during its most magnificent placing; however, installing weatherstripping or cushioning around the machine may significantly lessen the sounds in the event you believe it is longer than you'd like.

What is better, the present version of this air king 9166 ships using a horsepower motor that's less powerful than old types but absorbs not as much power. Considering these whole-house exhaust fans usually are designed to lower your heating, that really is actually incredible progress.

Should you give up in the community home center or hunt on the web for whole-house window louvers, then you may probably locate quite a few cheap models using blades that are small and feeble motors, which only won't perform the occupation correctly to exhaust heat out of your residence. On the other end of this spectrum are all pricey powerful loft fans who want professional setup and frequently supply an awkward degree of suction.

The Air-King 9166 20 Whole-House Window Fan really is really a pleasant compromise involving these unworthy, more prominent components along with also the pricey, harsh, and difficult-to-install industrial ingredients.

This air-king fan can be just a fantastic option for both smaller and huge rooms equally, such as lots of additional window followers available in the market. Traditionally, the window enthusiasts have all fastened with all the windows closed down on the admirer. Despite currently being more efficient, a scenario can appear in which you want to near the window altogether. Inside this situation, the admirer needs to get removed by hand to accomplish that.

That really is really where air king's Storm Protect comes right into drama with. This feature enables one to near the window supporting the admirer throughout unfavorable weather conditions or any time your property must procure, accentuating advantage and functionality efficacy to your person. Something that the different window buffs models usually do not need.

The air king 9166 window home is assembled from vinyl that's impact resistant. Air-king's blade and also rear grill will be coated too. Even the Air King 9166 can also be OSHA and ETL compliant.

The lover engine of this air-king 9166 window-fan version has changeable rate configurations (namely 3) that interval many different air disbursements amounts of 3560 CFM (cubic feet per second ), respectively 3120 CFM along with 2150 CFM. They vary among large, moderate, and lower, respectively.

In conditions of controllers, it includes a back-end mounted controller machine (rotary) that eases the optimal rate option. The Storm Protect boards, window enthusiast mounting gear, and documentation come regular with all the window enthusiast bundle.

Within our inspection of this air-king window-fan, we frequently consider precisely what we've said in regards to this item. Predicated on the majority of the testimonials from many others, we all concur totally that the air-king window-fan is actually an essential appliance that functions since it's promoted. Users said the handheld remote controller attribute and just how simple it's to correct preferences of this fan together with distant.

Additionally, proprietors with this air-king admirer stated the gadget is incredibly silent and lasting -- it performs without having the misses even with a couple of decades of virtually constant usage. Even the air-king window-fan is reportedly somewhat powerful and incredibly successful.
"air king 9166f 20\" whole house window fan"

The air-king 9166 window-fan includes standard having a 1-year confined period to guarantee that addresses substance flaws and mistakes in workmanship.

What's Liked

Strong yet Silent

Because of their own size, the Air-King 9166 can be just a somewhat secure unit, which is with the capacity of 3560 CFM. It has three distinct rates based upon the needs you have.


Built using a storm shield with wax-covered metal blades and also leading grill that the air king 9166 will defy all of those weather.


Since this exhaust system fan is still potent enough to address the entire residence, it is going to negate should make use of air conditioning, and which might be a lot more pricey.


The 9166 was built to accommodate windows in 27 to 38" in diameter, which makes it probably one of the absolute most flexible models in the marketplace with respect to setup.

That Which We Didn't Enjoy

Sounds Degrees

You will find just three rates, also with its best place, it could be contemplated dumb. Yet on account of this ability of this fan itself, the settings are commonly not demanded in"silent" days daily.

Though assembled primarily of alloy, the home is looked at tiny flimsy and maybe not solid enough to handle the total ability of this admirer.


It is sensible to dry scorching, humid atmosphere, even for those who experience an air-conditioning method. Even the Air King 9166 total house window fan is possibly the optimal/optimally fan in the marketplace for undertaking this occupation.
air king 9166f 20"

Because additionally, it is an easy task to put in much more expensive than and available now, there is not any explanation to keep on spending much about air-conditioning or maybe to devote the next night tossing and turning as your residence is also sexy.

I really expect this air-king complete house window fan inspection is crystal clear: Buy you, also you'll not be sorry. Of course, in the event that you get the system out of Amazon, you obtain yourself a fantastic price in addition to free transport in lots of instances, helping you save dollars.

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